Nepal (Gorkha) Earthquake: USGS Slip Models

The USGS has processed an inversion of the seismic data for a slip model for the Mw 7.3 earthquake. I have rubbersheeted their fault plane solution, as well as the solution for the Mw 7.8 earthquake for comparison. Please find them below. Here are the links to the USGS web pages for the Mw 7.8 Finite Fault Plane Solution and the Mw 7.3 Finite Fault Plane Solution. The methods that the USGS uses to invert the seismic data are included on those pages. I list their references below.
Mw 7.8 Earthquake Finite Fault Plane Solution from the USGS.

Mw 7.3 Earthquake Finite Fault Plane Solution.

Here is their original map for the Mw 7.8 earthquake:

Here is their original map for the Mw 7.3 earthquake:

Here are the slip models:
Mw 7.8 earthquake:

Mw 7.3 earthquake:


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