Defense Documents

This page contains various documents supporting my defense. Updated Feb 1, 2014!

UPDATE: I successfully defended my dissertation on January 9, 2014 at Oregon State University, Burt Hall Room 193.


  • The final version of my dissertation is here. (~80MB pdf file)

  • The extra appendices are here. (~105MB pdf file)

Chris Goldfinger and I after my defense, but before I changed back into my shorts. Bob Yeats showed up half hour early, before i changed into the suit. He wondered why I was not defending in my shorts.


These videos are in the PowerPoint and you need to download them independently:

  • Here is the video of coring offshore Sumatra (8 MB)
  • Here is the video showing a turbidity current in an aquarium (7.1 MB)
  • Here is the video showing tsunamigenesis from an earthquake in Sumatra (7 MB)
  • Here is a video of waves off the starboard side of the R/V Roger Revelle (~70 MB wmv)

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