348 Beach

Here are some photos of my house. I originally renovated this house in 2010 or so.

Then, after an incredibly destructive tenant moved out, I redid lots of that stuff and did more too (i.e., I treated additional floor coverings that I did not include during the first renovation).

These photos are from 2020. Some of them were taken after a tenant moved in. Some of them were taken before the house was completely done.


  • This is a view looking from the South.
  • The main electrical panel was installed a couple years before the remodel.

  • This is a view looking eastwards up the stairs that lead to the sunroom.
  • The windows on the right are for Bedrooms #3 and #4.
  • There is now a fence and gate that attach the stairs to the main fence (out of view to the right).

  • Another view looking to the east.
  • Note the upstairs and the deck acccessed via the dinette.

  • A view of the house looking South.
  • Note the back door and the deck.

  • This is a view of the house looking West.
  • The upstairs windows are from Bedroom #2.


Mud Room and Sunroom

  • First two views of the mud room (Day and Night) looking towards the front door from the inside.
  • The mud room has tile that looks like wood. The front door is a fiberglass door with a double pane window panel.

  • This is a view of the sunroom.
  • The ceiling is finished pine. The floor is vinyl, installed by Arcata Pro-Floor.


  • This is a view of the Kitchen from the Living Room (looking West).
  • The counter tops are porcelain tile.
  • The range is electric.
  • The floor in the kitchen, the Living Room, the stairs, 2and the entire upstairs, is douglas fir and has five coats of oil finish.

  • This view of the Kitchen is from the Dinette (looking East).
  • We can see the stairs up to the landing, bedrooms #1 and #2, and the half bath off of bedroom #2.

  • These are three views of the dinette.
  • The water heater is on-demand and propane powered (Rheem).
  • There are plumbing connections for a washing machine and electric hook connection (and exhaust) for an electric drier.

  • The door exits northwards to a deck overlooking the back yard.

Living/Family Room

  • These are some panoramas of the Living Room and the Family Room.
  • The top image shows the Living Room showing how it is adjacent to the Kitchen.
  • There is a door to the right of the couch that leads to the Family Room.

  • This is view of the closet in the Living Room.

  • The lower image is from behind the couch in the top photo, looking at the Living Room with the kitchen to the right.
  • The door to the left of the refrigerator opens out to the mud room.

  • This is the transition from the douglas fir flooring in the Living Room (left) to the vinyl plank flooring with a wood pattern in the Family Room (right).

  • This is a panoramic photo of the Family Room taken from the Living Room, looking East.
  • The Family Room leads to Bedrooms #3 and #4, as well as the sunroom.
  • One may heat the Family Room from the heat in the sunroom by opening the window that connects these two rooms.


Upstairs: Bedrooms #1 and #2

These are the stairs and landing:

  • Looking down the stairs.
  • The landing is to the right.

  • Looking down the stairs and to the East, through an opaque window.
  • The light comes from the window in Bedroom #2.

  • Here is the landing.

  • This is the largest bedroom, Bedroom #1.
  • There are sliding doors now installed in the closet entry.

  • The window on the left looks to the East so that one may see the sun rise.

  • The closet has a shelf and is wider at the base.

  • This is the other upstairs bedroom with a window looking to the West for views of the sunset.
  • The half bath is to the right.

  • Here is a view of the half bath.

  • This is a view of Bedroom #2 looking eastwards towards the closet.

Here are Bedrooms #3 and #4 which connect to the Family Room.

  • This is Bedroom #3, on the northeast corner of the house.
  • This view is looking to the northwest.

  • Another view, looking to the southwest.

  • Another view, to the northeast.

  • This is the Bedroom #4 with a window that looks to the East and one that opens to the SOuth into the sunroom.


Here are two photos of the downstairs full bathroom.

  • The flooring is the same porcelain tile (with the wood grain pattern) as is in the mud room.
  • We installed a new toilet and vanity.
  • We redid the waste plumbing for the entire bathroom.

  • We installed a new shower tub.

Here is a photo of the half bath upstairs.