Poster Presentations

These are posters presented at professional meetings and workshops.

American Geophysical Union / Chapman

Seismological Society of America

  • 2019 SSA Poster

  • 2017 SSA Poster

  • 2016 SSA Poster

    • SSA 2002 panel 1 (Patton et al., 2002) Coseismic Subsidence from Combined Upper-Plate and Subduction Zone Earthquakes in Southern Humboldt Bay, California over the past 3,000 Years
    • SSA 2002 panel 2 (Patton et al., 2002)
    • SSA 2002 panel 3 (Patton et al., 2002)
    • SSA 2002 panel 4 (Patton et al., 2002)
    • SSA 2010 (Patton and Leroy, 2010) Reconciling Recurrence Interval Estimates: southern Cascadia subduction zone
    • SSA 2015 (Patton et al., 2015) Mismatch Between Interseismic Ground Deformation and Paleoseismic/Paleogeodetic Observations, Humboldt Bay, Northern California, Cascadia Subduction Zone
    • SSA 2015 (Patton et al., 2015) Post- and Co-Tsunami Science Teams: Cascadia Planning, northern California
    • SSA 2015 (Patton et al., 2015) Sedimentary Evidence for the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman Subduction Zone Earthquake
    • SSA 2016 (Patton and Goldfinger, 2016) Bradley Lake Revisited: Sedimentary Evidence for Shorter Return Periods (41 MB pdf)
    • SSA 2017 (Feuillet et al., 2017) Possible Sedimentary Evidence for Paleoearthquakes along the northern Lesser Antilles: preliminary results from the CASEIS cruise aboard the N/O Pourquoi Pas?
    • SSA 2018 (Morena et al., 2018) Earthquakes recurrence of the northern Lesser Antilles Arc: paleoseismologic approach


    • 2018 NEHRP northern CA Meeting (Patton et al., 2018) Geodetic Observations at the Overlapping Southern Cascadia and Northern San Andreas Fault Syetems


    • 2010 MARGINS (Patton et al., 2010) Mid- to Late- Holocene Submarine Paleoseismology in the Region of the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake
    • 2011 GeoPRISMS (Patton and Leroy, 2011; with input from Todd Williams) Recurrence of Deformation in the Southern Cascadia subduction zone
    • 2012 GeoPRISMS (Patton and Leroy, 2012) What the mismatch between current geodetic data and paleoseismic data in southern Cascadia can tell us about the earthquake cycle? This got me the winner of one of the student poster awards.

    Humboldt Bay Symposium

    • HBS 2002 (Patton et al., 2002) Evidence for Great Earthquakes at Southern Humboldt Bay, California in the Past 3,000 Years
    • HBS 2005 (Patton, 2005) GIS based relative tsunami hazard maps: Crescent City, Humbldt Bay, and Eel River
    • HBS 2010 (Leroy et al.,2010) What you don’t know about sea level, and should be afraid to ask

    Earthquake Engineering Research Institute: 1906 Earthquake Centennial Meeting

    Geological Society of America

    • 2020 GSA Poster

    • GSA 2000 (Bonny Batt, Beth Brady, Elie Braun, Gwen Erickson, Daisy Finch, Colin Hughes, Brett Ingles, Lora Kiger, Noel Liner, Michelle Murt, Ozzie Ordaz, Alexa Ozzello-Reed, Jay Patton, Justin Reeves, Russ Seghetti, Chris Sheridan, Nate Smith, Jay Stallman, Joanna Redwine, Russel Shapiro, and Ken Aalto)


    • Humboldt’s Ready Natural Hazards (Patton and Leroy, 2011) DOOM AND GLOOM ? Understanding geologic hazards in the Humboldt Bay region
    • Humboldt’s Ready Relative Sea Level (Leroy and Patton, 2011) Local Sea Level: The Combination of Land-Level Change and Global Sea-Level Change

    2 thoughts on “Poster Presentations

    1. Dear Dr. Patton,
      You and your working group seem to be some of the only people looking at subsidence in Humboldt Bay and its effect on relative sea level rise. Are there other good resources on the rate of subsidence in the Arcata Bay specifically, especially on a shorter time scale than geologic time? I am doing some background research for a project attempting to mitigate the effects of sea level rise in Arcata.
      Any direction would be greatly appreciated.
      Joanna R Murphy E.I.T.
      Student Researcher
      Humboldt State University
      Department of Environmental Resources Engineering

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