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2 thoughts on “Downloads | Media

  1. Dear Jay,
    Many people who live in the town of Porvenir (Magallanes Region, Chile) have reported me about an earthquake similar to an explosion in the area. I was looking at the seismograms and station MG03 appear two quite strange earthquakes, at 14:50 and 19:05 UTC today.
    You could help me decipher the origin of this. It seems to be an explosion or sonic boom, has a history of something similar to it?

    1. I am unsure. you have located some earthquakes (on a local network) that i do not have access to. i searched the usgs catalog for M 1 or greater for the last 2 months. there were some M 4s in february, but not in the past couple of days…
      also, i am not a seismologist, so would not know how to interpret those data.
      here are a couple seismologists on twitter that might be able to help better than i. (try steve first)
      good luck!!! sorry i could not be of more assistance!!

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