Large Aftershock in Nepal

We just had a large aftershock to the east of the mainshock. The PAGER estimates are currently suggesting that there will be additional casualties. Regions that were destabilized (hillsides, buildings, etc.) from the main shock, but were not in areas of stronger ground shaking, have now been subjected to larger ground motions. This is not good news. Here is the USGS page for this large aftershock. Here is the latest post for the mainshock. More on this later. There is not yet a moment tensor plotted for this earthquake.
Here is a map showing the epicenter of the M 7.4 (current magnitude) in red (it happened just minutes ago). The mainshock is plotted as a grey circle on the west edge of the recent seismicity plotted in orange.

Here is the current PAGER estimate of casualties (Version 1).

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