Earthquake Pair in New Britain

Good Morning New Britain. Today we had a second M = 6.8 earthquake in as many days. Here are the USGS web pages for the 2015.04.30 and 2015.05.01 earthquakes. Here is my quick post from yesterday’s earthquake.
Here is a map I put together that shows both earthquakes and their moment tensors. The moment tensors are graphical solutions, from seismologic data, that illustrate two possible directions and senses of motion for the earthquake. While moment tensors and focal mechanism are calculated differently, their graphical depiction is similar. Here is the USGS page on focal mechanisms (first place to look at) and here is the USGS page on moment tensors.

There have been lots of earthquakes in this region lately and I will momentarily add links to my earlier posts… Here is one… This is the map that I put together for that post:

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