Oral Presentations

Here are some presentations made at professional meetings

Seismological Society of America

  • SSA 2010 (Patton et al., 2010) Temporal clustering and recurrence of Holocene paleoearthquakes in the region of the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake
  • SSA 2014 (Patton et al., 2014) Stratigraphic Evidence of the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman subduction zone Seismoturbidite
  • SSA 2017 (Barnes et al., 2017) Sedimentary Evidence for Paleoearthquakes and the 2016 November M 7.8 Kaikoura Earthquake along the Hikurangi Subduction Zone

American Geophysical Union

  • AGU 2007 (Patton et al., 2007) Possible Earthquake Generated Turbidites along the Sumatra Margin
  • AGU 2010 (Patton et al., 2010) Holocene Paleoearthquakes in the Region of the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake Compared with other Paleoseismic Data
  • AGU 2013 (Patton et al., 2013) Slope Stability: Factor of Safety along the Seismically Active Continental Slope Offshore Sumatra
  • AGU 2016 (Patton and Goldfinger, 2016) Bradley Lake: There and Back Again, Additional Sedimentary Evidence for Earthquakes

Geological Society of America

  • GSA 2004 (Patton et al., 2004) GIS Based Relative Tsunami Hazard Maps, Humboldt County, California
  • GSA 2005 (Patton et al., 2005) Estimating coseismic subsidence from coastal marsh stratigraphy: increasing the minimum
  • GSA 2009 (Leroy et al., 2009) Geomorphic signatures of tsunami in coastal sand dune fields of Northwestern California
  • GSA 2009 (Patton et al., 2009) 7.5 ka earthquake recurrence history in the region of the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake

Humboldt Friends of Geology

  • HFOG 2007 (Patton et al., 2007) Paleoquakes07: Riddling Ocean Sediment for Evidence of Strong Ground Shaking

American Society of Photgrammetry and Remote Sensing

Here are some recent public lectures

  • 2016 Wild Wines, Little Applegate Valley, OR 2016.08.28
  • 2016 Friends of the Arcata Marsh, Arcata Marsh Interpretive Center, Arcata, CA 2016.07.15
  • 2016 USGS, Menlo Park, CA 2016.06.29
  • 2016 Science on Tap, Arcata, CA 2016.04.06
  • 2015 DSCA, Portland, Oregon 12/8/2015
  • 2015 Rotary Club, Silverton, Oregon 6/22/2015
  • 2015 HSU Dept. of Geology, Student Colloquium Slope Stability offshore Sumatera, Indonesia3/23/2015
  • 2013 HSU Dept. of Geology, Student Colloquium Seismoturbidite Chronostratigraphy and Slope Stability offshore Sumatera, Indonesia4/29/2013
  • 2012 College of the Redwoods Personal Enrichment Series10/30/12
  • 2005 HSU Dept. of Geology, Student Colloquium Tsunami Hazard Maps: Northern California 4/29/2013 ppt

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