3/23/15 HSU Dept. Geology Student Colloquium

Slope Stability: Factor of Safety along the Seismically Active Continental Slope Offshore Sumatra

Jason R. Patton

Humboldt State University, Dept. of Geology

HSU Student Colloquium PowerPoint (160 MB)

Schematic illustration of geomorphic elements of subduction zone trench and slope sedimentary settings. Submarine channels, submarine canyons, dune fields and sediment waves, abyssal plain, trench axis, plunge pool, apron fans, and apron fan channels are labeled here.

Source areas for sediment that may deliver submarine landslides to some core sites. Slope basin and trench source areas (orange) were determined by outlining drainage divides surrounding all submarine topography contributing potential gravity flows to a given core site. Green and blue lines show the location of profiles we use for our 2-D FOS analyses. A. Shaded relief map showing sore sites 103 and 104 plotted as orange dots. Intermediate contours of 3,475 m and 3,080 m depict the shape of the basins. B. Core sites 96 and 95 are plotted as orange dots, with the seawater depths (3,400 and 3,420 m respectively). Elevation contours are in meters. Intermediate contours of 3,360 m and 3,340 m depict the shape of the basins. C. Core site 108 is plotted with an intermediate contour (2,950 m) in brown.

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