DSCA: 2015.12.08

I presented a talk to a senior seminar for the Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) in regards to their efforts to prepare for the disaster following a Cascadia subduction zone (CSZ) earthquake and tsunami. The Department of Defense provides support to local, regional, and federal organizations following disasters, natural or otherwise.

I post some supprting material below, as long as some of the references that I use in this presentation.

    Here is the digital presentation that I prepared for their seminar in Portland, Oregon

  • 2015 DSCA, Portland, Oregon 12/8/2015 (33 MB pptx)

    Here are some sources of information about the Cascadia subduction zone

  • For the 315th anniversary of the most recent full rupture CSZ earthquake I put together a summary of our state of knowledge about the CSZ and that 1700 A.D. Jan. 26 earthquake. 2015.01.26
  • The USGS (and others) put together an educational video about the CSZ. I post this video and other supporting information online here: 2015.10.08

    Here is an animation of the numerical simulation for tsunami inundation at Cannon Beach (Ecola Creek).

    This was prepared by Rob Witter (Witter, 2008 ).

  • This is the digital file of the embedded video below (52 MB mp4)

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