Earthquake Anniversary: M 7.8 Gorkha (Nepal) Earthquake

An anniversary is for the Gorkha (Nepal) Earthquake from 1 year ago. I have several Earthquake Reports listed below. These include a variety of observations and comparisons with historic and prehistoric earthquakes that I compiled.
USGS slip models:
First Report:
Comparison with historic EQs
USGS Intensity Reports
Surface Displacement and Ground Motion Models
More historic comparisons
Coseismic Surface Deformation Model
Aftershock Report
Mainshock & Aftershock Update #1
Mainshock & Aftershock Update #2
Mainshock & Aftershock Update #3 (and interview with Ian Pierce and Steven Angster)
Here is a summary of the observations:
Mw 7.8 Earthquake Finite Fault Plane Solution from the USGS.

Mw 7.3 Earthquake Finite Fault Plane Solution.

Here is the map that I put together. I have placed the USGS epicenters with two color schemes. The size of the yellow dots represents earthquake magnitude. The degree of redness designates the time (earlier-April = pink & later-May = red). Note how there are some pink colored epicenters in the region of the M 7.3 earthquake. These pink colored earthquakes all occurred in April. The red ones are from May. These epicenters may not be plotted with the greatest certainty, though any uncertainty is possibly shared between them. So, there relative positions are possibly good.

Here is an updated regional map that incorporates Hough and Bilham (2008 ) and today’s seismicity. The historic and prehistoric earthquake slip patches are also shown. The three other data sets now include Bilham (2004), Bettinelli et al (2006), and Berryman et al. (2009). I provide information about how I compiled these data sets on this page.

Here is the updated DYFI map. Note how broadly this earthquake was felt.

Here are two visualizations of the seismic waves as they propagate through the Earth. These are records from the USArray Transportable Array. Your tax dollars at work, unless congress defunds these projects. This first video shows vertical motion as red and blue.

This second video shows horizontal motion with magnitude and direction.

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