M7.7 in Pakistan

A very large earthquake in Pakistan today!

As a result of collision of the Arabia plate into the Eurasia plate, thrust faults formed in Pakistan. This collision zone is the same basic convergence region that extends from Java/Sumatra, up through Burma, across India (creating the Himalaya), through the middle east, into the Mediterranean creating the Alps.

Here is the moment tensor for this earthquake, showing the oblique mechanism.
M=7.7 Pakistan Moment Tensor

Here is a map with the epicenter plotted in google earth.
M=7.7 Pakistan

Here is a map with the Modified Mercalli Intensity Contours plotted in google earth.
M=7.7 Pakistan

Here is a map with the MMI intensity (USGS shakemap color overlay) and Peak Ground Acceleration Contours plotted in google earth.
M=7.7 Pakistan

Here is the USGS page: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/usb000jyiv#summary

Here is the USGS map for the region:

Here is the USGS page for the loss estimates below: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/usb000jyiv#pager

Here is the estimate of fatalities for this earthquake:

Here is the estimate of economic loss for this earthquake:

Here is the estimate of “exposure” for this earthquake:

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  1. […] This is also a region that experienced some effects from an earthquake further to the north in 2013. On 2013.09.24 there was an earthquake with a magnitude of M 7.7 that caused ground shaking throughout the region, as well as an interesting feature that arose from the seafloor along the continental shelf (what this feature is called is in debate; some called it a mud volcano). Here is my brief report on the 2013 earthquake. […]

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