IPCC 5th Assessment Report Forthcoming

Coming out later this month here http://www.climatechange2013.org/report/
i pasted some text from the group I fact sheet that demonstrates why the IPCC assessment reports are the most comprehensive and peer reviewed science ever. 9,200 references! ~55,000 comments! no single paper published anywhere at any time has been so comprehensive. single papers, which may disagree with minor aspects of the ARs, pale in comparison (but continue to be used by blog writers to attempt to discredit the AR). single authors also attempt to raise questions, but frequently they are only experts in a minor or related field (eg don easterbrook, world class glaciologist, but not a climatologist).
you have questions? WG1AR5_Questions.pdf
you want to read the fact sheet? WG1AR5_Questions.pdf
The Report
1 Scoping Meeting to outline 14 Chapters Over 1000 nominations from 63 countries
209 Lead Authors and 50 Review Editors from 39 countries Over 600 Contributing Authors from 32 countries Over 2 million gigabytes of numerical data from climate model simulations Over 9200 scientific publications cited
The First Order Draft Expert Review
Nearly 1500 individuals registered 21,400 comments from 659 Expert Reviewers from
47 countries
The Second Order Draft Expert and Government Review
Over 1500 individuals registered 31,422 comments from 800 Expert Reviewers from
46 countries and 26 Governments
The Final Government Distribution
1855 comments from 32 Governments on the Final Draft Summary for Policymakers
Total Reviews
54,677 comments 1089 Expert Reviewers from 55 countries 38 Governments

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