Cascadia subduction zone: M 9.0 tsunami simulation video

NOAA Center for Tsunami Research just released an animation that shows a numerical simulation of what a tsunami may appear like when the next Cascadia subduction zone earthquake occurs. I present a summary about the CSZ tectonics on a 316th year commemoration page here. I include a yt link and embedded video and an mp4 embedded video and download link.
Here is a screenshot from the video:

I want to watch this!

  • while the I5 is not a geological boundary, generally west of the 5 will be more damaged than east of the 5 because west of the 5 will be closer to the earthquake.
    that quote is from a FEMA official who is preparing to respond to the disaster, so they are well informed.
    some people overacted to the statement, even though they make similar simplifications for their work. for example, our tsunami evacuation maps are based on the same principle of using geographic features to convey hazards to the public. using the 5 as a geographic feature to explain relative hazard was a cogent and wise choice.

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