Mid Atlantic Ridge Earthquake!

Yesterday (I was busy preparing revisions to a paper that was due, the 5th 18 hr day in a row) there was a large earthquake along a fracture zone (transform plate boundary) near the Mid Atlantic ridge (MAR). Here is the USGS web site for this earthquake.
We recently had a couple other MAR earthquakes on ~2015.05.24. This Mw = 6.3 earthquake occurred northwest of St. Helena, where Napoleon spent his last years of his life (and experienced a large earthquake which is known as Napoleon’s Earthquake on 1796.10.22).
Here is a map that shows yesterday’s Mw 7.0 earthquake, as well as the 2015.05.24 M = 6.3 earthquake (which has a compressional moment tensor). This occurred along an unnamed fracture zone.

Here is a map that shows the fracture zones and recent (2015) seismicity to the north of the M 7.0 earthquake.

Here is an animation from IRIS that shows the M 7.0 seismic waves propagating through the USArray seismic network.

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