Still kicking off some aftershocks in northern Chile

Here is the latest view of the seismicity associated with this earthquake swarm offshore northern Chile. I first mentioned this since I thought it was an interesting region to get some earthquakes. Read more about that on that first page.
I have updated the map with the latest epicenters, as well as the historic earthquake rupture limits from Matt Pritchard and Loveless et al. (2010) Loveless, J. P., M. E. Pritchard, and N. Kukowski (2010) Testing mechanisms of subduction zone segmentation and seismogenesis with slip distributions from recent Andean earthquakes, Tectonophysics, [in press]. These are rupture lengths from only the past 100 years, so there is some age bias. One can see there is a gap between the 2001 Peru Mw 8.5 earthquake to the north and the 2007 Mw 7.7 earthquake to the south in Chile.

Here is a zoomed out view of the Pritchard and Loveless earthquake history. Earthquake magnitudes are plotted with the year. These represent earthquakes recorded since 1900.

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