M7.0 in the South Atlantic

How exciting! This earthquake is on the other side of the Scotia plate from the earthquake swarm from last week.
This M7.0 earthquake appears to have slipped along a fault associated with the North Scotia Ridge (NSR). The NSR is mapped as a left-lateral transform fault (not a ridge, like it is named). There is not yet a moment tensor available, but I suspect this may be a left-lateral strike-slip earthquake.
Here is the USGS earthquake page.
Indeed, the moment tensor shows a possible left-lateral strike slip earthquake.
Here is a tectonic map of the region from here:

Here is a regional map with the epicenter in orange and historic earthquake epicenters in gray.

Here is a local map showing Modified Mercalli Intensity contours and historic earthquake epicenters.

Here is the USGS page showing the contributed moment tensors:

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