Fault Model 3-D Animation for La Habra EQ Swarm

Here is a short animation I made to visualize the fault geometry possibly associated with the earthquake swarm in La Habra this past week. I placed 2-D maps of these fault models here.

Here is the animation. (~41 MB avi)

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  1. Interesting! It took me a little while to get my mind around what you fit a plane to, as my mind really wanted to make your surface a unit rather than fault plane because of all the noise outside the fault zone proper. Now that you can see the plane, a nice trim would sharpen that figure up a bit. Oh, and when first saw the figure, I thought it was artwork, too!!!

  2. =)

    yeah, i think i have some work to do remove outliers and change the influence on the depths… there are some more advanced models in arcgis i will get to after class tomorrow.

    these initial fits were based on fitting about the vertical axis. if i could fit perpendicular to the fault, that would be better… i think i can do this. we will see. heheh

  3. Also, I want to get a good geology cross-section in there to see if some of the outliers are localized along a unit that may be being exploited for oil up-dip/up-stream.

  4. Word around these parts was suggesting that some of the aftershock sequences, particularly the M4.1, was exhibiting behavior consistent with fluid migration, which could suggest some of the aftershocks were induced by oil field activity.

  5. I’ve done that in 10.0 with some of Bob’s cross-sections – it is a pain in the patootie, especially with big files. But it does work. Maybe 10.1 is more straightforward?

  6. it would be nice to just use someone’s raster and plot that in place (rather than making a vector version)…

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