Fault Model 3-D Animation for La Habra EQ Swarm

9 thoughts on “Fault Model 3-D Animation for La Habra EQ Swarm

  1. Interesting! It took me a little while to get my mind around what you fit a plane to, as my mind really wanted to make your surface a unit rather than fault plane because of all the noise outside the fault zone proper. Now that you can see the plane, a nice trim would sharpen that figure up a bit. Oh, and when first saw the figure, I thought it was artwork, too!!!

  2. =)
    yeah, i think i have some work to do remove outliers and change the influence on the depths… there are some more advanced models in arcgis i will get to after class tomorrow.
    these initial fits were based on fitting about the vertical axis. if i could fit perpendicular to the fault, that would be better… i think i can do this. we will see. heheh

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