Hookton Slough Coring

Tom Leroy and I went to my old coring site 01-BR-05 to make sure it was usable as a field trip stop for my class. We will be going here this coming Wednesday. Thanks Tom for helping me out.
I will write more about these cores and what our interpretations are after the field trip. I want the class to come up with their own interpretations. I have a few photos of the core we collected today.
This is an overall view of the 3rd core section down. This core samples sediment of approximately 1 meter in length. This core sampled sediment from approximately 1.8 to 2.8 meters. Up is to the left. The base of the core includes blue-gray silty-clay, overlain by an organic rich brown muddy peat, overlain by a clean mud and then a series of muddy sand and sandy mud layers, which is finally overlain by some more mud. Some of the mud has darker grey layers.
Here is an overall view of the middle of the core.01-BR-05
Here is a “zoom in” of the middle of the core.01-BR-05
Here is a map of the regional tectonics.01-BR-05

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