Earthquake offshore Panama

Good sized earthquake offshore Panama! Here is the USGS page.
This is probably an earthquake on an oblique high angle reverse fault, based on this early moment tensor. The hypocentral depth is pretty shallow too.

This looks related to the seismicity that plots along the North-South transform fault system that separates the Cocos and Nazca plates. However, it is near a triple junction and could be related to the East-West transform fault, or the subduction zone that strikes to the northwest. Very interesting.
Here is a regional map showing historic epicenters in grey. Today'[s earthquake is plotted in orange.

Here is a local map showing the same historic quakes, just zoomed in more.

This shows that the shaking was probably felt throughout coastal Panama.

Here is the USGS regional tectonic map:

Here is the PAGER report, that indeed shows there were many people who probably felt this earthquake.

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