M 7.0 on the Aleutian subduction zone

Here is another pretty big earthquake. Those on the islands of Adak and Atka probably got shook pretty strongly.

The moment tensor shows a compressional earthquake and this is consistent with this setting on a subduction zone. If this EQ lies on the subduction zone fault, then it shows the dip of the subduction zone is about 22 degrees +-.
M=7.0 Aleutian Moment Tensor

here is a map
M=7.0 Aleutian

Here is a cool animation for the earthquake from NOAA PMEL. This earthquake is highly unlikely to generate a tsunami, but these scientists do this for all earthquakes that could generate a tsunami.

here is a map with the USGS shakemap overlay:
M=7.0 Aleutian

here is a map with historic earthquakes plotted as grey circles:
M=6.5 NW south Island

Here is the USGS page: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/usb000jdt7#summary

Here is the USGS map for the region:

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