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Earthquake Report: Gorda Rise

It was a busy week (usual, right?). The previous week I was working on getting a house remodel done so someone could move in (they have been sleeping on couches for 6 months, so want to get them in asap). … Continue reading

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Earthquake Report: Mina Deflection in Nevada

I was slowly waking up while looking at my social media feed. moments before (maybe minutes) Anthony Lomax had posted his first motion earthquake mechanism for a M 6.4 near the CA/NV border. I leaped out of bed and got … Continue reading

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Earthquake Report: M 6.6 in Crete, Greece

Well, last weekend I was working on a house, so did not have the time to write this up until now. The eastern Mediterranean Sea region is dominated by plate tectonics (no surprise, right?). The plate boundary fault system … Continue reading

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Earthquake Report: Banda Sea

Early morning (my time) there was an intermediate depth earthquake in the Banda Sea. This earthquake was a strike-slip earthquake in the Australia plate. There are analogical earthquakes in the same area in 1963, 1987, 2005, and 2012 that … Continue reading

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