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Toast, tsunamis, and the really big one | Chris Goldfinger | TEDxMtHood

Following an article in the New Yorker on July 20, 2015, the Cascadia subduction zone got more attention nationwide than it had ever seen previously. Most in the pacific northwest knew about Cascadia, but this article brought knowledge of the … Continue reading

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Earthquake Report: Honey Lake fault zone

There was a swarm of seismic activity near Honey Lake a couple of days ago. I was stage managing at Reggae on the River, so missed the chance to write about this when it happened. Here is the USGS website … Continue reading

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Earthquake Report: Bartlett Springs fault system, Lake Pillsbury

We just had a good sized earthquake adjacent to the mapped surface trace of the Bartlett Springs fault, southeast of Lake Pillsbury. Here is the USGS website for the M 5.1 earthquake. Here is my interpretive map that shows the … Continue reading

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