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Landslide or Fault Tip?

there were some early reports that used the fault tip movement as a measure of the slip on the fault during the 11 march 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake. amazing measurements made with hi res bathy data. i saw a phenomenal 3-D … Continue reading

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M 4.1 Gorda plate 2013/12/17

Good Morning Humboldt County! This earthquake awakened me early today after just a couple hours sleep. Very exciting and another wake up call to make sure I am prepared for a Cascadia subduction zone earthquake. The Cascadia subduction zone is … Continue reading

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Simuelue Swarm 2013/12/01-02

Here is a series of earthquakes in the region of the 2005 great Sumatra-Andaman subduction zone earthquake. These earthquake epicenters plot very close to the epicenter of the 2005 earthquake. The island just northwest of today’s earthquake is named Simeulue. … Continue reading

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