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M7.7 in Pakistan

A very large earthquake in Pakistan today! As a result of collision of the Arabia plate into the Eurasia plate, thrust faults formed in Pakistan. This collision zone is the same basic convergence region that extends from Java/Sumatra, up through … Continue reading

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IPCC 5th Assessment Report Forthcoming

Coming out later this month here i pasted some text from the group I fact sheet that demonstrates why the IPCC assessment reports are the most comprehensive and peer reviewed science ever. 9,200 references! ~55,000 comments! no single paper … Continue reading

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Core Site 64, Core RR0705-108PC, Station Sheet

1 + 2 = 3 (1) Tonight I was reviewing some core station sheets for some notes regarding over-penetration of the sea floor. This core station sheet was filled out with pertinent information about the core deploymnent. These are basically … Continue reading

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