Kinetic Sculpture Race, Humboldt

The Original Kinetic Sculpture Race continues to live on annually on Memorial Day Weekend. For over a decade, i have been hosting a celebration in the beach bungalo. The race passes by right in front of my house in manila. Often friends will ride their bikes from Arcata and the nederlands out to manila.
Here is the official website of the Original Kinetic Sculpture Race.
I have several Photo Galleries from some of these celebrations, along with map invites.
2003 Race gallery
2004 Race poster
2005 Race poster
2008 Race gallery and poster
2009 Race gallery and poster
2010 Race gallery and poster
2012 Race poster
2015 Race poster
here are the official posters:

2008 Poster

2008 Poster

2009 Poster

2010 Poster

2011 Poster

2012 Poster

2013 Poster

2015 Poster

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