Con Trails

I will be posting material about Con Trails (and their imaginary counterpart, Chem Trails) on this page. For now, this is just a placeholder for sources of information on this subject. Please review my rationale for doing this on my page on the radiation from Fukushima.

The cover photo is from the Wikipedia page on Contrails.

Group 1: More Credible Sources of Information

    Belief Systems:

  • 2004 Book: Psychotic Core: Understanding the psychodynamics of madness is essential to the therapy of most patients, including those who are not diagnosed as mad in the literal sense.
  • 2011 Book: Among the Truthers: A Journey Through America’s Growing Conspiracist Underground: From 9/11 conspiracy theorists and UFO obsessives tothe cult of Ayn Rand and Birthercrusaders, America is suffering from an explosion in post-rationalistideological movements.

Group 1: Less Credible Sources of Information

Group 3: Crapola to Avoid until the zombies are at your door

One Response to Con Trails

    Maxwell Monk says:

    The folks that believe contrails is a secret government are the same folks that believe a tin foil hat will allow them to talk to space aliens. And they walk among us, that’s the scary part.

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