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Updated Dissertation Files

I have organized my three papers. These are in a state of flux and I hope to submit them to my committee shortly. Here is the draft of my first paper, I will be submitting this to Geosphere shortly. Here … Continue reading

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M 7.0 on the Aleutian subduction zone

Here is another pretty big earthquake. Those on the islands of Adak and Atka probably got shook pretty strongly. The moment tensor shows a compressional earthquake and this is consistent with this setting on a subduction zone. If this EQ … Continue reading

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This is a map of modeled tsunami sea surface elevations.

People have been promoting ignorance and I am exhausted at explaining to each of them regarding this. The ongoing nuclear disaster at Fukushima Power Plant in northeast Japan is horrible. However, we as a society could want to be the … Continue reading

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Latest Paper on Cascadia Seismoturbidites is now released

Our paper has recently been published online and open source. Please find this here. This paper is part of a Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences special issue on submarine paleoseismology. Spatially Limited Mud Turbidites on the Cascadia Margin: Segmented … Continue reading

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Update on Sumatra Correlations

Here are two figures that go together. The first figure displays some cores in the region of the 2004 Sumatra Andaman subduction zone earthquake. The map shows their locations. The core figure shows the correlations I made using green lines … Continue reading

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M 6.8 on the South Island of New Zealand

here is a big earthquake! M = 6.8, now a 6.5 depth = 10km pretty shallow (may change). it ruptured part of the Marlborough fault zone (part of the Alpine fault system). the moment tensor fits the fault map, a … Continue reading

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