2012 Kinetic Madness Celebration

Please come to my Eleventh Annual Kinetic Madness Celebration THIS SAT AT NOON: manila beach bungalo.
i have been celebrating the kinetic sculpture race since i moved to manila in 1996. the race rides directly in front of my house (well, almost directly).
The details to this VEGETARIAN POTLUCK are on this page.
I have more maps and photos from previous kinetic years here .

sumatra volcanism paper

Greetings, our volcanism paper has been published. i have placed the author’s version here .
we discuss the tephra deposits (volcanic ash) that we found in the cores i collected offshore Sumatra the summer of 2007. i worked primarily on the sed/strat context as well as the age control for the cores and the deposits within. Morgan Salisbury was chiefly the person who did the elemental analyses on the electron microprobe and later the ICPMS (inductively cooled plasma mass spectrometer), both facilities at OSU, CEOAS. you can contact Morgan’s advisor Adam Kent if you are interested in working on volcanic science at OSU.
More about my work offshore Sumatra is here. on that page, there is a slideshow and a link to a summary of some of my research.