I Just Uploaded My Dissertation

woot woot
I will be submitting the remaining two papers in the coming weeks. I am still “on target” until then. Below are links to the two files I uploaded to the digital scholar. The final signature page needs to make its rounds also, etc.


  • The final version of my dissertation is here. (~80MB pdf file)

  • The extra appendices are here. (~105MB pdf file)

2012 Kinetic Madness Celebration

Please come to my Eleventh Annual Kinetic Madness Celebration THIS SAT AT NOON: manila beach bungalo.
i have been celebrating the kinetic sculpture race since i moved to manila in 1996. the race rides directly in front of my house (well, almost directly).
The details to this VEGETARIAN POTLUCK are on this page.
I have more maps and photos from previous kinetic years here .