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2018.10.26 Greek earthquake in a region of high seismic hazard
2018.10.16 Coseismic Landslides in Sulawesi, Indonesia
2018.10.10 M 7.5 Earthquake in New Britain, Papua New Guinea
2018.10.03 Tsunami in Sulawesi, Indonesia, triggered by earthquake, landslide, or both
2018.09.28 The Palu-Koro fault ruptures in a M=7.5 quake in Sulawesi, Indonesia, triggering a tsunami and likely more shocks
2018.09.16 Induced Earthquakes: major reversal in our understanding
2018.09.06 Violent shaking triggers massive landslides in Sapporo Japan earthquake
2018.05.06 Pele, la Diosa Hawaiana del Fuego, los Relámpagos, el Viento y los Volcanes de Hawái
2018.05.05 Pele, the Hawai’i Goddess of Fire, Lightning, Wind, and Volcanoes

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