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2019.01.16 Seismic swarm hits Hayward Fault: What does it portend?
2019.01.16 What if the Northridge earthquake had struck today, on its 25th anniversary, during the U.S. government shutdown?
2018.12.23 Sunda Strait tsunami launched by sudden collapse of Krakatau volcano into the sea
2018.12.19 5-min Video of Ross Stein on the Greatest Achievements in Earthquake Science in the Past Century
2018.12.11 What the Anchorage earthquake means for the Bay Area, Southern California, Seattle, and Salt Lake City
2018.10.26 Exotic M=7.0 earthquake strikes beneath Anchorage, Alaska
2018.10.26 National Climate Assessment: A Climate Catastrophe is Coming
2018.11.16 When the Levee Breaks: Cascading failures in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, California
2018.10.16 Coseismic Landslides in Sulawesi, Indonesia
2018.10.10 M 7.5 Earthquake in New Britain, Papua New Guinea
2018.10.26 The Whistle: Are We Ready for the Big One?
2018.10.03 Tsunami in Sulawesi, Indonesia, triggered by earthquake, landslide, or both
2018.09.28 The Palu-Koro fault ruptures in a M=7.5 quake in Sulawesi, Indonesia, triggering a tsunami and likely more shocks
2018.09.16 Induced Earthquakes: major reversal in our understanding
2018.09.06 Violent shaking triggers massive landslides in Sapporo Japan earthquake
2018.05.06 Pele, la Diosa Hawaiana del Fuego, los Relámpagos, el Viento y los Volcanes de Hawái
2018.05.05 Pele, the Hawai’i Goddess of Fire, Lightning, Wind, and Volcanoes

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