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Earthquake Report: 1992.04.25 M 7.1 Petrolia

The 25 April 1992 M 7.1 earthquake was a wake up call for many, like all large magnitude earthquakes are. Here is my personal story. I was driving my girlfriend’s car (Jen Guevara) with her and some housemates up to … Continue reading

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Earthquake Report: Chile Update #1

Well, I thought more to compare this ongoing earthquake sequence with the 1985 M 8.0 earthquake. This, in context with the 2010 and 2015 earthquakes. My initial report based upon the M ~4-5.9 swarm is here and my report on … Continue reading

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Earthquake Report: Chile!

Well, we had another earthquake in the region of a recent (yesterday and the day before) swarm offshore of Valparaiso, Chile (almost due west of Santiago, one of the largest cities in Chile). My previous report on the M 4-5 … Continue reading

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Earthquake Report: Chile!

There have been a number of earthquakes along the subduction zone offshore of Chile. These have happened near the boundary of two Great Earthquakes from 2010 and 2015. This region may be a segment boundary along the subduction zone, albeit … Continue reading

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Earthquake Report: Philippines

I put these together earlier this week for me classes and finally have a moment to write about these earthquakes. The Philippines region has been quite active lately, as it frequently is. I show below a series of earthquakes from … Continue reading

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Earthquake Report: Botswana!

This is a very interesting M 6.5 earthquake, which was preceded by a probably unrelated M 5.2 earthquake. Last September, there was an M 5.7 earthquake in Tanzania along the western shores of Lake Victoria. Here is my report for … Continue reading

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