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Another large earthquake, along strike with the M8.3

here is an update to this series of interesting earthquakes. this one is along strike and at a similar depth to the M8.3. also an extensional earthquake, but with a more intermediate dip. it will be interesting to see … Continue reading

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M 8.3 deep earthquake in the Sea of Okhotsk

wowo, busy tonight. here is a pretty big quake the kuril trench has been active (subduction zone where the pacific plate subducts beneath the north america plate) and the yellow and orange dots in my map show recent quakes … Continue reading

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2013 Kinetic Madness Celebration

Please come to my Twelfth Annual Kinetic Madness Celebration THIS SAT AT NOON: manila beach bungalo. i have been celebrating the kinetic sculpture race since i moved to manila in 1996. the race rides directly in front of my house … Continue reading

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Draft Dissertation is online

I have placed my dissertation online here The main dissertation is a single document, but there are additional appendices that are separate links. I will defend my work at 2PM on Wed. May 29, 2013 in Burt Hall Room 193. … Continue reading

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