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2012 Kinetic Madness Celebration

Please come to my Eleventh Annual Kinetic Madness Celebration THIS SAT AT NOON: manila beach bungalo. i have been celebrating the kinetic sculpture race since i moved to manila in 1996. the race rides directly in front of my house … Continue reading

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press release for Sumatra volcanism paper

Greetings all, here is the press release for our paper on Sumatra Late Pleistocene to Holocene deep-sea tephra (volcanic ash) deposits. Thanks go out to Morgan Salisbury for being so diligent as to result in this publication. For more information … Continue reading

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sumatra volcanism paper

Greetings, our volcanism paper has been published. i have placed the author’s version here . we discuss the tephra deposits (volcanic ash) that we found in the cores i collected offshore Sumatra the summer of 2007. i worked primarily on … Continue reading

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