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Earthquake Report: Chile

There was a very interesting earthquake in central coastal Chile yesterday. I spent some time putting together a Temblor article about it. I also took the opportunity to create an interpretive poster in portrait format to help with people using … Continue reading

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Earthquake Report: 2018 Summary

Here I summarize Earth’s significant seismicity for 2018. I limit this summary to earthquakes with magnitude greater than or equal to M 6.5. I am sure that there is a possibility that your favorite earthquake is not included in this … Continue reading

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Earthquake Report: Philippines

Earlier there was an earthquake in the Philippines. This magnitude M = 7.0 earthquake is related to the subduction zone that forms the Philippine trench (where the Philippine Sea plate subducts beneath the Sunda plate). Here is the USGS website … Continue reading

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Earthquake Report: Bering Kresla Update #1

Well, the USGS updated their earthquake mechanism (moment tensor) to be more steeply dipping, showing a more vertical fault possibly. This makes more sense given the historic earthquakes in this region and our knowledge of the history of this complicated … Continue reading

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Earthquake Report: Bering Kresla / Pacific plate

We just had a large earthquake in the region of the Bering Kresla fracture zone, a strike-slip fault system that coincides with the westernmost portion of the Aleutian trench (which is a subduction zone further to the east). At first, … Continue reading

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Earthquake Report: New Caledonia / Loyalty Islands

We are still all learning so much about the earthquake in Alaska and as I was winding down for the night (the last class tomorrow before the final), I noticed an email from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. There was … Continue reading

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Earthquake Report: Alaska

What a day. I started by waking up about 5:43 AM (about, heheh), which was 17 minutes before my alarm was set. I had a job interview at 8:30. I went to the interview for a position working on tsunami … Continue reading

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Earthquake Report: Iran

This morning (my time) there was a possibly shallow earthquake in western Iran with a magnitude of M = 6.3. This earthquake occurred in the aftershock zone of the 2017.11.12 M 7.3 earthquake. Here is my report for the M … Continue reading

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Earthquake Report: Mid Atlantic Ridge

There was a M = 6.8 earthquake along a transform fault connecting segments of the Mid Atlantic Ridge recently. The Mid Atlantic Ridge is an extensional plate boundary called an oceanic spreading ridge. Oceanic crust is formed along these types … Continue reading

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Earthquake Report: Greece

Well, I was about to head to town and noticed a magnitude M = 5.0 earthquake in Greece. I thought to myself, I wonder if that is a foreshock. It was. Then, the M 6.8 mainshock hit while i was … Continue reading

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